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        Week 38 – September 17, 2020

        Plant Information

        Echinacea Artisan? Collection Red Ombre

        New variety!
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        Plant Details:

        Scientific Name: Echinacea x hybrida

        Hardiness Zone: 4a - 10b

        Hardiness Degree: 30°F (-1.1°C)

        Blooming Season: Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Late Summer

        Plant Habit: Upright

        Characteristics: Attracts Bees, Attracts Butterflies, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance

        Water: Light

        Fertilize: Once a month

        Spacing: 10 - 14" (25 - 36cm)

        Height: 16 - 28" (41 - 71cm)

        Width: 10 - 25" (25 - 64cm)

        Exposure: Sun

        General Information: Provides a great display in the first year, with many seasons of incredible color thereafter. Also a nice way to attract birds and butterflies.

        Grower Information:

        The first F1 hybrid seed Echinacea collection is just better!
        The NEW Artisan Collection™ elevates seed Echinacea to offer consistency of plant structure for uniform and highly branched, full plants. It also provides uniformity of flowering, so all plants are ready to sell at the same time. Plus, the benefit of a seed input provides flexibility for production so it fits better in your schedule.

        Plug crop time: 5 to 6 weeks
        Transplant to finish: 13 to 17 weeks

        • The first F1 hybrid Echinacea individual colour collection from seed!
        • Offers consistency of plant structure for a uniform, highly branched, full plant.    
        • Features uniform flowering, so all plants are ready to sell at the same time.
        • Seed input provides flexibility for production and labour management.
        • NEW Amplified seed form is enhanced through a proprietary process, resulting in faster and more uniform germination compared to non-enhanced seed.

        Flowers open red and soften in colour with age. 


        Protection Information: US7,982,110

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