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        Week 38 – September 16, 2020

        Tag, Label & Photo Policy

        All finished product must be sold with a Ball-supplied or approved plant label or tag. All materials promoting varieties from Ball must include the following:
        • The full commercial name of the product to include trademarks and logos, if applicable
        • The Plant Patent Variety Name and Status PPAF (Plant Patent Applied For) or Number PP##,###
        • The term: "Propagation is Prohibited"
        • All images featuring Ball products are to be used for promotional materials, including but not limited to point-of-purchase items, advertising, brochures, etc. They may not be used on plant tags or containers without permission from Ball.

        Online Photo Library

        Search for hi-resolution photography for thousands of plants 24/7!
        Browse Photos Now All images loaned by Ball Horticultural Company are copyrighted and are the property of Ball Horticultural Company and its subsidiaries. They are loaned to customers for promotional use only and are not to be reserved for future use. Images may not be licensed or resold. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. All loaned images must be used in connection with the proper trademarks. The correct variety name and series name must be listed on all images in connection with any reproduction.

        To request additional photography contact the Image Archive Librarians at photolibrary@ballhort.com.