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        Week 38 – September 16, 2020

        Greenhouse Equipment

        Supplies you can count on!

        Not only does Ball Seed provide the broadest selection of plants from reliable suppliers, you can depend on us for greenhouse equipment as well. From special soil mixes to transplanting machines, and now GreenPowerLED lighting from Signify, formerly Philips Lighting. Ball Seed offers a wide range of products to help support your growing business.

        To request a demo, sample or for more information, contact your Ball Seed Sales Rep or reach out to Ball Seed customer service at 800 879-2255.

        WEBINAR: "Getting Started with LED Lighting"

        Sponsored by Philips

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        Signify GreenPower LED

        Signify GreenPower LED Toplighting

        Growth like never before. Break the barriers of yield and quality.

        Signify GreenPowerLED Flowering Lamp

        The proven way to boost growth and cut costs.

        Signify GreenPower LED Interlighting

        Light between the plants.

        Signify GreenPower LED Production Module

        LED lighting for multilayer cultivation.


        Punch 'N Gro

        Time-saving mobile transplanting system for perfect plug placement every time.

        S.B. Machinerie Flat Fillers, Bale Breakers & Conveyor Systems

        Easy-to-use equipment that helps you save time and move more product.

        Antal/Cayson Plug Popper and Dibbler

        Quality supplier of dislodging and dibbling equipment, with simple operation!

        Soil & Nutrition

        Ball Professional Growing Mixes

        Ball Professional Growing Mixes

        Our soilless growing mixes are specially formulated to meet grower demands.