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        Week 40 – September 29, 2020

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        Mariachi Blue Cut Flower LisianthusBlue
        Mariachi Carmine Cut Flower LisianthusCarmine
        Mariachi Grande White Cut Flower LisianthusGrande White
        Mariachi Lavender Cut Flower LisianthusLavender
        Mariachi Lilac Picotee Cut Flower LisianthusLilac Picotee
        Mariachi Lime Green Cut Flower LisianthusLime Green
        Mariachi Misty Blue Cut Flower LisianthusMisty Blue
        Mariachi Misty Pink Cut Flower LisianthusMisty Pink
        Mariachi Pink Cut Flower LisianthusPink
        Mariachi Pink Picotee Cut Flower LisianthusPink Picotee
        Mariachi Pure White Cut Flower LisianthusPure White
        Mariachi Yellow Cut Flower LisianthusYellow