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        Week 40 – September 28, 2020

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        Dynamo? Dark Red Improved Zonal GeraniumDark Red Improved
        Dynamo? Salmon Improved Zonal GeraniumSalmon Improved
        Dynamo? Orange Zonal GeraniumOrange
        Dynamo? Pink Flare Zonal GeraniumPink Flare
        Dynamo? Red Zonal GeraniumRed
        Dynamo? Hot Pink Zonal GeraniumHot Pink
        Dynamo? White Zonal GeraniumWhite
        Dynamo? Dark Salmon Zonal GeraniumDark Salmon
        Dynamo? Light Pink Zonal GeraniumLight Pink
        Dynamo? Purple Zonal GeraniumPurple
        Dynamo? Scarlet Zonal GeraniumScarlet
        Dynamo? Violet Zonal GeraniumViolet