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        Week 38 – September 16, 2020

        Ball Premier Line Seed

        Start with the best. Your crops will show it.

        Our extensive line of high-quality Ball Premier Line Seed is created to deliver hassle-free sowing and maximized growing every time. Today more than 80% of our seed inventory passes through the Ball Premier Lab for coating and pelleting, priming and testing. From rapid, uniform germination to skip-free sowing, Ball Premier Line offers the best seed quality on the market.

        Download the Ball Premier Line? Seed List
        Ball Controlled Growth Seed (BCG)
        Seed is treated with A-Rest®
        Safe & sustainable. Saves you time and money while producing quality products.
        Ball Vigor Index® Seed
        Plug-testing method
        Determines the vigor and uniformity of the crop.
        Genesis® Seed (GS)
        Germinates under a wider range of temperatures and delivers better uniformity.
        Coated Seed (CT)
        Film coated
        Ensures better "flowability" through seeders.
        Fuseables® Precision Multi-Pellets (PMPL)
        Multi-seeded pellet
        Multi-species and single-species pellets deliver a balanced mix of two or three varieties. All combos components are present at least 90% of the time.
        High Energy Seed (HE)
        Delivers improved germination and uniformity.
        Multi-Seed Pellets (MPL)
        Multi-seeded pellet
        Eliminates the need to run trays through the seeder multiple times
        Certified Organic Seed (OR)
        Not treated with any chemicals.
        Pelleted Seed (PL)
        Uniform pellet for small seed items improves visibility and makes seeder pick-up easier.
        Treated Seed (TR)
        Uses Thiram for general seedling disease control and Allegiance for protection against downy mildew.
        A-REST is a registered trademark of SePRO Corporation.