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        Week 38 – September 15, 2020

        Ball ColorLink

        Established in 1995 to meet the needs of our smaller growers, Ball ColorLink customers have access to the same innovative plants, high-quality seed and reliable supplier network as our larger Ball accounts.

        What can Ball ColorLink do for you?

        Our dedicated West Chicago office representatives will work to find what you need from a supplier that is the best fit for your requirements, ensuring you get the best value for your budget.

        Our focus is on your success

        Annuals, perennials, cut flowers, bulbs, vegetables and more are available in different forms and tray sizes: Our selection is vast and varied. Our reliable supplier network gives you many choices when it comes to sourcing your plants. Looking for something in particular? Let us see what we can find for you!

        See our Supplier List

        Solutions for your business

        Search inventory, track your orders and manage your business with ease with WebTrack, the premier online customer experience for the horticulture industry. Cultural information, free downloadable bench cards, print-quality photos and more are available online

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        Peace of mind

        Something not going to be available? In most instances we are able to notify you prior to shipment so you can make another selection. Problems with the order? We also help file claims with the supplier or carrier. And if you need replacements, the depth of our supplier network helps us find what you need.

        Contact Ball ColorLink ... and Ask About EDGE!

        Tel: 800 686-7380
        Fax: 888 686-7300
        E-Orders: ColorLinkOrders@ballhort.com
        Email: ColorLink@ballhort.com

        When should I order?

        The ideal time to order any crop is immediately after the season in which it is sold.

        • You’ll be familiar with what did not sell and what was in greatest demand.
        • New variety introductions can be added and order adjustments can be made at a later date.
        Download our “Time To Book” resource guide

        We look forward to doing business with you!